New to dance or zouk? For the first time in the U.S. Jaime and Kiri are offering a free beginner zouk class on Friday to grow the San Diego zouk community. If you dance zouk already, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the OG of zouk Jaime Aroxa. He will teach you how to dance from your body instead of your head. Feel more grounded and connected with your partner. Express more sensuality and musicality in your dance.


1. Basics and creativity
2. Musicality
3. Connection and sensuality
4. Tuning your body
5. Finding your dance soul


The Movement Dance Center
1255 W Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110


Friday, November 29:
-Lunch and boating with Gui: 12-2pm
-Privates: from 2-6pm contact
-Jaime & Kiri beginner class: 6- 7PM (free for newcomers and full pass holders, $15 for everyone who has taken a zouk class)
-Black out friday social: 10 PM- 3AM ($20 or included in the pass)

Saturday, November 30:
-Volunteer brunch with Jaime and Kiri: 12-2:30pm (invite only)
-Workshops: 3-6PM, 8-10PM
-Social: 10PM- 2AM ($20 or included in the pass)

Sunday, December 1:
-Workshops: 1-4PM, 5-7PM
-After party: 7PM at Downtown loft