My Journey

My connection with Hawaii stated on the Big Island in April 2017 when I took a course on Hoʻoponopono, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, and developed an interest in Huna, the Hawaiian system of healing. I felt such a connection to Hawaii and it’s people, I found work as a Physician in the rural town of Hana, Maui. It was on Maui, I learned how to paddle outrigger canoe, pound poi and learned that Huna was a way of life. After my term on Maui ended, I worked on Oahu, where I lived in a tree house, where I found deep healing with my connection to nature and learned how to dance. I want to share this experience through transformative dance and healer retreats.


Many people associate the word “aloha” with hello, goodbye, or love. However, Aloha has many meanings, deeper than just a greeting. A direct translation of the root words that make up Aloha include:

  • alo: sharing in the present 
  • oha: joyous affection, joy 
  • ha: life energy, life, breath

Aloha means sharing of joy and energy in the present moment. It expresses mindfulness, love and a connection to humanity.


Kukui means light. We are all born with a perfect bowl full of light, when our bowl is full of light, there is plenty of love to inspire everything we do. However, if we experience trauma and become fearful, judgmental or negativity, a stone is added to our bowl, with each stone pushes out the light. If our bowl ever becomes so full of stones, all we have to do it let go so we can fill up with light once again. Then the light can come flooding back in and you can embody the spirit of Aloha and share your light and joy with others.